Monday, January 07, 2008

High Chairs

Well, we took a leap and bought our first real baby gear! I had to drop Chloe off at the neurologist on Thursday since her condition has continued to decline despite the increased dosage of Prednisone. My mom and I decided to stay up in the area while we waited for her, so we headed to Bergstroms, which was just down the road. When we arrived we saw they had a lot of items on sale. Both floor items and new in box. Close to the front of the store, I spotted some interesting looking high chairs. There were two of them (how perfect!), and the functionality was superb! The chairs are meant to grow with your child, from infant to adult. They have a tray, or can be used at the table with the rest of the family. I decided not to buy them, and that I would do some research online first. They were normally $299, but marked down to $129, and the woman told me she could sell each chair for $110. A bit more than I was ready to spend, without having done any serious shopping around.

Well, I got home and learned what a great high chair option they were, and that $110 was a fabulous price! I'd also found a really neat baby carrier made by Theodore Bean. It was made of black leather with a cute, soft zebra print on the inside. When researching online, I learned the carrier had great reviews, but the company had been bought out. The cheapest price I found for it online was about $30 more than it was in the store... so one more good buy. That was, if they were still there on Friday.

First thing Friday morning I headed to the neurologist to pick up an antibiotic for Chloe, and then to Bergstroms. I had to wait anxiously for them to open, and when I headed inside, saw that both chairs were still available! Yippee! I asked the salesperson what the best price she could give me was if I bought both high chairs. She went and talked to her manager, and when she came back, she said $75 each! And that's after the only price I found online had been $395! Woohoo! So, I left with both high chairs and the adorable Theodore Bean baby carrier. What an exciting day finally buying a couple of things that make the adoption feel a little more real.

Here's a picture of our high chairs! We have the blue/orange colored chairs like the one pictured above.

The carrier on the left with the zebra print is the one I bought. So cute, right?!
Oh, and our agency says that our dossier will be registered this week, and our wait will be official!