Thursday, October 16, 2008

Something to read... a true MUST READ!

Life can be so ironic sometimes.  I used to feel so much more literate and eloquent.  I recently felt called to action by some posts on an agency specific adoption group I'm a part of.  I felt I HAD to attempt to provide some introspection and perspective on a PAP's (prospective adoptive parent) comments about adopting to "save" a child.

Ironic to me that I have now seen a post on a much more eloquent and amazing mama's blog... thank you Julie  Please take a few minutes to go to Julie's blog and read her post.  Is adoption selfish.  Yes.  It IS.  Is adoption the ANSWER to the problem of poverty.  No.  Not even close.  Yes, it can change the life of the child you adopt... but think about those left behind.  Think about how radically you are changing your child's life by adopting them... for better AND for worse.  Should we adopt to "save" a child?  That's for you to decide... but I truly and deeply believe that one's motives should not revolve around that concept as the primary motivating factor.  There are too many other incredible ways to help try and make a difference for the children of the country you are adopting from to adopt because you feel called to "save" a child.

Really.  Please.  No hate here.  No backlash comments.  Just consider what I'm trying to say.  Think deeply... all AP's need to do this.  If you aren't willing to question yourself, your motives, and the life you will provide for your adopted child(ren), you really shouldn't be adopting.  As AP's (adoptive parents) we really must take it upon ourselves to see the bigger picture!