Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Playing For Change: Song Around the World

This kind of unification amongst people around the world gives me chills... hope you enjoy a little bit of uplifting music for the holidays!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow and Eye Gashes, Oh My!

Ok, so it took a wee bit longer to get some pictures posted than I thought it would. You know, I'm a BUSY lady these days! Try getting ready for a first birthday/birthday party for your prince AND princess as well as a first Christmas - and your hubby is living and working in a different state so HE isn't around to help, getting the flu, AND trying to work! ;-) Not that I'm whining, because the holidays are the BEST and I'm so excited about watching Ezi & Livi enjoy all the wonderment of their first big holiday season, but... yikes! I'm feeling sooooo behind and the blogging is definitely suffering because of it!

As for Ezra's BIG eye gash incident. I was AMAZED at how little it ended up bruising. It was pretty swollen the day of the accident and the day after, but that's about it. I took some photos of it just after the tears ceased the first day (and the bleeding had stopped), but they aren't too graphic... no worries for the faint hearted! :-)

I'm also posting some pictures of Ezra outside in his snowsuit for the first time (don't have any of Livi yet as she hasn't been out! She was sleeping during our brief evening excursion with Ez). It's been sub-zero here the last two days, so no trips out in the beautiful, fresh snow have happened this time either! It seems that my flu bug and the super cold temperatures are conspiring to keep us indoors! Grrr! You'll notice Ezra's snowsuit is huge... it's an 18 month size since we wanted room to bundle him up and the 12 month (of a different brand... both were bought used) fit PERFECTLY right now... I thought we'd be OK in the 18 month size... WHOOPS! Oh well, at this rate it'll probably fit Livi NEXT year this time! :-)

I'll also post photos of the first snow day we had and I carried snow inside to the kiddos in the lid of one of their Rubbermaid toy boxes. Ezra anxiously dove in with both hands and quickly regretted the situation... that stuff is COLD. After that he was much more reserved and cautious, but learned it's mighty tasty stuff - so long as it's fresh and WHITE. :-D Livi was ever the delicate explorer - gently touching the snow and scooping it up in measuring cups. The differences in the two of them crack me up... we definitely have the ALL boy and ALL girl around here! :-)