Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ever wonder if time has stopped?

It's one of those days where I'm beginning to wonder if time has stopped. Maybe it's ceased to exist and we're just frozen in this moment. Okay, maybe it's not quite THAT extreme, but seriously, time is not "flying" by. I imagine that will begin to happen once we're through court and preparing to travel. Who knows.

Yesterday I had a weak moment and splurged on my dream stroller. It was such an awesome deal I couldn't pass it up... I just COULDN'T! ;-) I bought the 2008 BOB Revolution Duallie in Mesa Orange! Oh yeah, I'm so excited for it to come! I may have to put our two dachshunds in it when it arrives and push them around the neighborhood! Oh course, the whole time they'd be barking and fighting to get out of the seat and run around! Our dachshies are total spazoids when it comes time to go out for a walk. Particularly Cooper... he goes NUTS and squeals, yips, pulls, and wiggles until we are through the gate and into the park. Ugh. He makes it sound like we're beating him or something. People come out of their homes and stare. Is it embarrassing? You bet. Do I hate it? You bet. Can I get him to stop? Heck no! We've tried... I think we need a visit from the dog whisperer - Cesar Milan!

There are still a number of things around the house that need to be finished. Joe installed the first of 3 baby gates last weekend, the one at the bottom of the stairs. Now he just needs to get the one at the top of the stairs done, and the one between our kitchen and living room. THEN he needs to get the skim coat on the wall in the nursery so we can finally hang the mural! Oh, and I still need to paint that room too... but not until after the skim coat is done!

In the meantime, I'm working on finishing up the baby quilts. They would've been done long ago, but I had a VERY hard time finding a fabric for the outside border and backing of the quilt. Now that I have that, I'm in the process of quilting the layers together on Olivia's quilt, and will then do Ezra's. Once those are done, it's time to decorate their bumpers! I bought bumpers that are an off-white, minky dot, super soft fabric. I'm going to sew on some ribbon and fabric pieces that I used in the quilts to tie them together! Oh, and when I'm done with THAT, I'm going to have a bunch of baby blankets to sew out of all these adorable fabrics mom and I keep finding! :-S

Ok, back pretending I can focus on ANYTHING!