Wednesday, October 22, 2008

HE Walks!!!!!

So, with all the commotion around here, I'm a bit delayed in posting this... but EZRA WALKS!  I could hardly believe it when he started taking his first steps forward the day after Olivia!!!  Olivia first walked on Sunday and Ezra began walking the very next day!  WOW!  Talk about them being synced up!

Although Ezra first started walking the day after Olivia, he is definitely working on the new skill more than her.  He seems more confident and determined, and has had a few good successes.  Olivia has barely "walked" since Sunday... she is so fast at cruising along things, dropping to crawl, getting back up to cruise... she just doesn't really grasp yet, I think, that she could just WALK.  She's got such incredible balance, she's just not utilizing it too well yet.  Ezra, on the other hand is ready to get this down and go, go, GO!  :-D  

Still no videos of them... it's been too sporadic and they always seem to be climbing all over me, which makes it a challenge to get ANY pictures or video these days.  Sigh.  Soon... I promise!

Pushing Daisies....

Well, tonight is the BIG debut!  ;-)  Thanks Sam for reminding me to remind everyone!  :-D  Ezra and Olivia should be able to be seen in the scene in front of the courthouse on the episode tonight (fourth episode of the season).  Pushing Daisies is on ABC and is on at 7:00 pm MST, I believe.  Check your local programming for the exact time.  On ABC's website, it states it's on at 8/7 Central... but we're Mountain time, and our guide shows it as being on at 7:00 pm!  Sooooo... if you don't want to miss them, check your local guide!

So, tonight, Pushing Daisies, ABC.  Don't forget.  Tune in and be prepared for some quick glimpses of absolute perfection and amazing acting on the parts of E&O.  


Monday, October 20, 2008

Racism and politics

I haven't touched politics in my blog before now, since this is a blog to share about my family and our adoption.  However, for the sake of our country and my children, I believe I must speak up.  It saddens, angers, and terrifies me that this type of thing still goes on in this country.  I know racism is alive and well... but the level to which this is allowed and endorsed by the McCain/Palin campaign is just nauseating.  I realize that mudslinging is a central concept of campaigns.  It happens.  However, the mud should at least be dug up from something REAL.  TANGIBLE.  How can ADULTS go around touting such disgusting and off base statements?! Please take a moment to read the letter below and go view the video with segments from McCain/Palin rallies and see what has myself, along with many, many other Americans so upset.  It IS time for a change...

Dear Friend,
John McCain and Sarah
Palin have stopped talking about the issues, and have instead launched a strategy relying on fear-mongering, racial divisions, and hate. The result is McCain/Palin supporters saying "kill him!" "terrorist!" "traitor," and more, at rallies, with the McCain campaign playing dumb in response. It's outrageous and it must stop.

Together, we can show that Americans of all races won't stand for this.

I've signed onto
ColorofChange's open-letter calling out McCain and Palin. will publish it this week, and as they've shown in the past, when enough of us stand together, we can force the mainstream media to amplify our message. Will you join us?

Palin rallies have started to look more like mob scenes than political events. The candidates keep asking "who is the real Barack Obama?" (a question that also kicks off almost every McCain television ad).In response, supporters have yelled "terrorist!" and "traitor!" And the venom goes beyond Obama--one McCain/Palin supporter shouted a racial epithet at a Black member of a news crew, saying "sit down, boy."

McCain and
Palin are going down a dangerous path. Watching some of their supporters being interviewed shows the kind of fear their campaign is stoking and exploiting.McCain and Palin are clearly in the driver's seat. They've personally made it a point to use "terrorist" and "Obama" in the same sentence; they have surrogates repeatedly refer to him by his middle-name;and they keep pushing the discredited guilt-by-association smears that have long been debunked.

All of it plays on the much more sinister rumors in anonymous smear emails which claim Obama is Muslim (a myth designed to tap into anti-Muslim bigotry), anti-American, and is somehow connected with terrorists. This strategy is powerful because Obama is Black, and it's designed to make
Obama's race a disadvantage without appearing overtly racist.

As Americans of all stripes, we've seen how Barack
Obama's historic candidacy has moved our friends and family to have a more honest conversation about race in this country. It's inspired a lot of people to step out of their comfort zone and confront racism in their own communities, with their friends, neighbors and families.

In the final days of this campaign, we can't let a desperate John McCain and Sarah
Palin drag us down. If enough of us act, we can create a powerful story in the media about Black people and our allies of all races standing together against race-baiting and fear-mongering coming from the McCain/Palin campaign. But it will take a lot of us speaking in unison.

Will you sign an open letter to McCain and
Palin, telling them who you are and why you won't let them move our country backward? will publish the letter and make sure John McCain is forced to respond.


Off my soapbox and back to life... boy do I look forward to having this election behind us and having the thrill of worthy and capable new leadership for our country just around the corner... GO OBAMA!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Oh my gosh... I can hardly believe I'm posting this.  Olivia WALKED on her own today!  She has been SOOOOO CLOSE for a long time now, but she did it today!  I'm one proud mama!  Her and Ezra both have been able to stand unassisted for a few weeks now (but only if they are distracted and not thinking about what they're doing!  ;-), and able to walk quite well behind their little ride on cars and walker thing.  They do just DANDY with something in front of them to give them confidence.  But today... she WALKED ON HER OWN!  Probably 4-5 steps!  It was the cutest walk EVER!

I know Ezra is just behind her... any day now we'll have 2 TODDLERS!  ;-)  How exciting!!!  I'll try and get my camera unpacked and start snapping some pictures and video later today to upload... stay tuned!

(Sorry to be so behind in updates.  I got sick last week and JUST when I thought I was getting over it, my cold returned FULL FORCE yesterday and I've been exhausted just trying to drag myself about with the minimal necessary tasks around here.  Poor Livi has a fountain of snot that is plaguing her nose, and Ezra has the darn cold too, but thankfully he never gets such a miserable, messy nose.  Poor babes.