Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tiny distractions...

While it's still a little hard to believe that we are really only a matter of months away from meeting Yodit and Tewodros, the fact that they are in Ethiopia waiting for us is definitely starting to sink in. How in the world am I to get any work done when I have these two beautiful faces to look at? There is so much planning to do, we are still working on their names, and I desperately need to get my job situation figured out.

Speaking of my job, one thing I've come to realize is that not everyone in this world is equipped with some of the basic courtesies we often take for granted. When talking with my boss, W, I had no idea she would show so little respect and professionalism. Although I have never felt she has good interpersonal skills, and realize we've never had any sort of relationship beyond the basic yearly review and touch point here and there, I still expected SOMETHING different when I brought up the fact that we'd received our referral. There's no way I'm going to give her the satisfaction of dragging on about the frustrating conversation we had, I will say it's time to find a new group within my company. Now that my *rant* is out of the way... I can move on to the exciting whirlwind that is now encompassing our lives!

Honestly, could it get more perfect than being blessed with a handsome little boy and a beautiful little girl?! I'm sure there are days when we will be exhausted, sleep deprived, and questioning our abilities as parents, but there is no way I would ever have it any other way. As crazy as it may sound to those that haven't experienced adoption first hand, this was meant to be. When I look at their little faces, I can't imagine how I could already be so in love with them. Tewodros has such big, thoughtful eyes, and Yodit has such a sweet, cuddly look. I have no idea how much they cry, or if they make slurping sounds when they eat, but I know they weren't meant to be with us.

Tomorrow, my mom and I will be heading to Direct Buy (such a wonderful place!) to hopefully get the cribs and other bedroom furniture items ordered. They have some awesome prices on really great stuff. *I already KNOW this since I've been "window shopping" for a while now!* We know that we want some sort of whimsical safari sort of them, and have a few decorative items we've picked up here and there to use. If anyone has cute suggestions on a nice boy/girl safari type nursery, let me know!

I guess it's time for me to get back to it - working, baby name brainstorming, day dreaming, etc.! Make it a great day everyone!

Monday, January 28, 2008


I barely know where to begin! We got our referral this morning, and as you can guess, it was TOTALLY unexpected! I was so busy blogging and bumming about how I knew we weren't "ready" yet, and here it is! I must tell you, this is such an awesome feeling!!!

We have been referred TWINS!!! We have a beautiful boy, named Tewodros, and a gorgeous little girl named Yodit! They are teeny, and amazing. No, perfect. I don't even have words for how perfect they are. They are 5 weeks old, and are from Awassa. I am in UTTER shock, and I'm pretty sure Joe is too!

Ok, so this morning, I was busy working away. Since I'm still working out of my home office, some mornings I am slow to get dressed and ready to greet the day. I was still in pj's and had a mud mask on, when I hear my computer make the little chime sound that tells me I had an email. I open my email, and see a note from our agency. The subject is: See Attached Please. Since I hadn't gotten a phone call and had NO reason to anticipate a referral yet, I thought "Oh no, there must be something wrong with our dossier!" Who knows, right?

The email takes forever and a DAY to open (doesn't it always when you're sitting anxiously awaiting whatever it will contain?!), and when it does, I couldn't believe it! In front of my eyes were the words:
"Dear family
See attached the referral we just received for you... twins, boy and girl."

Then, there were 5 attachments, 4 pictures and the information on them. I covered my mouth as I SCREAMED "OH MY GOSH!!!" then JUMPED out of my chair (much to the dismay of my dogs that bolted from the room!) and began running around upstairs screaming, crying, and shouting "OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH!"

After a couple of minutes of this, I called Joe and actually caught him. I was still crying, laughing, and not making a lot of sense. I shouted "We got our referral! Get in front of your computer right now!!! I'm going to forward the email to you and we'll open the pictures at the same time!" After a couple of tense minutes waiting for him to get the email (it probably took half that time for me to type his email address into the To: line since I was shaking so hard!), he got the email.

Together, we opened the first picture and took our first look at our beautiful Yodit. She's incredible. She already has quite a bit of curly hair and big eyes. Her little nose is so adorable! Her arms and legs are skinny, teeny, and just waiting for their mommy to come and kiss on them!

After oogling at Yodit for a moment, we opened the next picture, of her brother Tewodros, together. He is just as amazing. This little guy seems to be quite lacking in the hair department, and has the same amazing eyes, and big, beautiful lips! He also has the teeny little arms and legs.

We opened the last two pictures, and then skimmed through the information file. I could barely read I was so excited. I did notice that they were born on December 21st, just after our dossier arrived in Ethiopia! We have Christmas-time babies!

Okay, I know I have so much more to say, but I have SOOOOO much to do! I will post more when I can get my brain thinking straight again and have a bit of time! I wish I could share their photos, but until they are legally ours, I can't post them. Just know they are totally adorable!

Hope you all have an incredible day!