Saturday, April 11, 2009

15 months (well... 15.5 months really) and more amazing by the day

I actually wrote this post weeks ago... and am just now posting it... I guess I got distracted by that tornado!


I'm a bit delayed in updating (thanks to a LOVELY bout of the stomach flu & a head cold passed between the four of us last weekend), but here are the updates on the twin tornadoes, from their 15 month well-baby checkups.

31.25" tall - 75%
20 lbs 10 oz - 25%

32.75" tall - 90%
23 lbs 11 oz - 40%

The doctor kept commenting on how tall and lean they continue to become. He was amazed by our little man's abs. It's a bit freaky, really. Ezra has been sporting a bit of a 6-pack for months now. He's had one (a six pack) most of his life when he'd stretch or tighten those abs, but now it seems even more apparent.
Ok, gotta run as the tornado seems to be taking over the play room! ;-)