Friday, November 14, 2008

Breaking the silence

I'm finally breaking my blog silence.  I apologize repeatedly for dropping off the face of the world for a few weeks.  Things have been so busy, and I daresay, FUN, with the kids now that they're toddling all around their world. 

However, today, rather than speaking of how Ezra and Olivia are, rather than rejoicing in our new president-elect (yes, I'm STOKED about Barak Obama!), I have a much bigger purpose.  I am also HORRIFIED at one result of the election, in particular.  Proposition 8.  It cracks my heart in two that Proposition 8 could have passed.  Who on EARTH would take away the rights of another human?  (Stupid question, I know.   There are countless people out there that are narrow-minded, cruel, or just a sheep.)

Please keep in mind as I write this post I want nothing more than to say eloquently, intelligently, and passionately my points.  Ugliness, however, is clouding ME.  I have many loved ones that are gay.  Am I, myself, personally affected by Proposition 8 passing?  Yes.  I am embarrassed... even ashamed to look my friends and family members in the eyes that have lost the right to marry.  I hope I don't overstep my bounds here by saying that someone I love very much, my dear uncle M, is gay.  He has been "my favorite" since I was a child.  My uncle M is proud, kind, honest, and will stand up for injustice.  Now, it's my turn.  Too many years have gone by without me standing by his side at rallies, walks, marches, you name it.  I have a voice and you DARN WELL better believe I'm going to use it.

Since Keith Olbermann has a much more eloquent style than myself, I direct you to PLEASE watch this video.  Take 6 minutes and 30 seconds of your life and watch what he has to say.  PLEASE.

Then, when you're ready to be the pure hearted, strong, loving individual we all strive to be, step out tomorrow and join myself and thousands of others on the steps of courthouses 'round the nation.  Tomorrow is a day that YOU can make a difference.  I'll be there.  My whole family will be out there standing up against this despicable injustice.  I urge you to join us.  Cities all around the nation will be having these demonstrations... find the one in your city and get yourself there.  We can all make the difference and support equality.

Now, go watch the video.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."