Saturday, May 12, 2007

Learning about multiples in Ethiopia

I recently saw an article about an NGO in Ethiopia called Ethiopian Gemini Trust. Their mission is to help families of multiples. It's fascinating to learn how much higher the percentage of births are twins in Ethiopia than in Europe or the US. The link I'm including is a transcript between a reporter and people that work at Ethiopian Gemini Trust and a few of the families supported by the foundation. It's fascinating to learn about the numbers...

Here is the link to Ethiopian's Gemini Trust website. There is information on what they offer to families, as well as ways you can help. You can even sponsor a set of twins!

Their current struggles are mentioned in the most recent newsletter:

If you're into statistics, graphs, and figures, be sure to check out this study. It shows a very high level of infant mortality in multiple births in Ethiopia, and a VERY interesting trend for an increased number of births to multiples in the months of March, September, and December; whereas singleton births remain relatively consistent throughout the year... Hmmm.

So, ask yourself, what can YOU do to help??

Happy Mother's Day...

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I remember reading similar story at the Ethiopian Portal website,

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