Thursday, July 19, 2007

More South Africa pictures

Ok... as requested, here are some more pictures of our trip! I'll probably post even more later... hate to overwhelm anyone! ;-)

Male White Rhino having a standoff with our truck. He blocked our path for about 5-10 minutes... just standing there, sniffing, and waiting. I can't imagine a more amazing animal! He was so docile and calm in a situation where he didn't feel threatened.

A male Nyala - isn't he amazing?!

Look at this gorgeous Zebra!

A view overlooking the Zulu Nyala reserve

Hippo family... notice the baby on the left-hand side of the picture?

Talk about a big mouth... in case you wondered how a chunky little hippo could be the animal responsible for killing the most people in Africa, check out those jaws and teeth!

Zulu Cultural Village - dancing (look at this guy's flip!)

One heck of a kick!

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