Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We've got a baby registry!!!

Well, enough people have suggested that we go ahead and register, so we finally did. I did my best to do some research, figure out what's useful and what's not, and pick things out from a picture online. In the next day or two I'll go into a store and pick things relating to nursery theme that I felt was too tough to decide online. The hardest part about registering is not knowing anything about our kids yet! We're expecting/planning on adopting twins, or two unrelated infants, but we could come home with an infant and a 3 year old... who knows! And whether they'll be boys, girls, or both???

If you'd like to check out our registry, we registered at www.babysrus.com. You can also get the registry in the store I believe, so that's an option too. Thanks for taking a peek! We're registered under our FULL first and last names... not by our shortened and more commonly used names (Jesi/Joe). Or, you can look it up with our registry number: 52134451.

Oh... and we're now thinking that due to work/vacation schedules, we'll probably be heading to Zambia in November... hopefully around the evening of the 9th or the morning of the 10th. I'm bummed that it's a little later than we'd be thinking, but it makes much more sense in the long run! It also means that if we end up needing to be over there for a longer period of time, Joe should be able to have enough vacation days to make it work since November 30 is the fiscal year end for his company and then his vacation days are renewed for the next year.

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