Monday, March 17, 2008

Drumroll please...

I am proud to announce that Olivia Yodit & Ezra Tewodros are now officially ours! We're finally a mommy and daddy! I'm in shock, and was so relieved to finally get word from our agency... what a LONG morning it's been!

More to come later... back to making some phone calls and working on my now VERY serious to-do list!!!!! Hooray! No word on our embassy date yet... hopefully we'll get more info in a day or two... HOPEFULLY!

I'm a MOMMY!!!!!


Biola said...

Congratulations Jesi & Joe! Can't wait to welcome them to and OCEAN gathering soon!

Alexis & Manoj

5KidMom said...

So, So, So, SO, SO, SOOOOOO darn HAPPY for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will be blessed in ways that you haven't even thought of yet! 8^)

Much love from the 5McCKid family!!

Hauswife said...

HOORAY!!! CONGRATULATIONS to the new Mommy & Daddy! I can hardly wait to give you a squeeze in person! Fabulous news! Praise the Lord! :D