Monday, April 28, 2008

Laughs in our daily lives

What a weekend it was! During our gap between the morning and afternoon naps we had outings on Saturday AND Sunday! We ran to CostCo, visited some friends and family, and even took Joe to the hospital! Poor Joe was feeling really crummy when he woke up Sunday morning, and before long was experiencing more fun like we had in Ethiopia! :-( I have no clue why he was sick like that again, but the poor guy was down and out for the day. Sadly for myself (yeah, I know, I'm selfish!) I lost daddy's help for the day too... so it was an extra bummer! I somehow still managed to get the kiddos fed and out the door (albeit late) to visit during our awake time prior to the afternoon nap (or cry fest... depending on how you look at it), and then after the nap got Joe to the hospital, kept the babies entertained there for a couple of hours, and then zoomed home to put them to bed by myself. Whew... what a day.

Today, Joe's totally out of commission still, but has been desperately trying to lend a hand where he can. As I was finishing afternoon bottles and getting ready to take E & O upstairs for their afternoon nap, Joe offered to change Olivia for me since she'd been working on filling up her diaper during her bottle. What a guy... I tell ya. So, he's on the floor with her on the changing mat, and gets the new diaper, wipes, and a diaper bag ready to go. Then, he opens up her diaper to the aftermath of a real explosion. It was no blowout (I've had to change her after a few of those already...), but there was a lot in that diaper! As he rolled it up to Velcro it closed on the mess, she began shooting poo at him! This was no drip action, it was full on projectile poo missiles! It went about a foot... that's some serious distance for such a little thing!

Being the helpful and loving wife that I am, I instantly jumped into action to help. Oh wait, no I didn't. I began laughing hysterically... so hard my abs hurt and I was crying. I just couldn't stop laughing! I've had so many nasty diaper change accidents (both babies have pooped into my hands during their changes, I've been peed on by both, dealt with Olivia diaper blowouts, you name it - and Joe's gotten off easy until then!), so I was unbelievably entertained by the incredible mess she created. I only wish I could've gotten it on video, it was too funny to not share.

So, yeah. That's the fun from today. At the moment the little munchkins are ACTUALLY sleeping (or at least quiet) during their afternoon nap. It's been 30 minutes since we put them down, so I expect that the pattern of lately will continue and crying will begin momentarily. Wow... as if on cue, Olivia JUST began crying! Ugh! Off to try and do some back patting and soothing. I have no idea why she's no longer able to nap longer than 30 minutes or so between wake ups... but it's the pits! So much for being productive OR getting a nap of my own during their nap time! :-( At least they're still sleeping reasonably well at night!

Later all! Off to give some kisses to our little princess!


Julie said...

Oh, wow. I can honestly say I've had my fair share of poo mess to clean up, but I've never had a projectile poo missile aimed at me. Poor Joe. And poor you too, since it sounds like you've had more than your share! Hope you've got a good disinfectant! :)

LISA said...

Oh my goodness guys! I hadn't checked your blog for awhile!!Glad you are all home and getting used to the poop!I can laugh! We haven't got our referral yet.
E&O sure are cute!

5KidMom said...

My new baby niece has also mastered the projectile poo. In fact, she is so good at it that her parents gave given her the nickname "Squirt".

I hope Joe is feeling better. Will and I both dealt with "Haille Selassie's Revenge" (my Dad's term) during and after our trip to Addis. No fun!!

Mum to Six Boys said...

That is hilarious!!

Jodi said...

I almost peed my pants reading about that. Of course, I always rush to daddy's aid when he is caught in a diaper mess. (ha ha!) I do the same...expect I have mastered grabbing the camera as well!