Thursday, May 29, 2008

Long time no post...

Whoa, I had no idea it'd been 10 days since I last posted! Sorry! Time flies when you're having fun!

We've been staying busy with our growing babes and loving it. I'm not one to normally NEED to get out of the house a lot, but since the babies have been here (and we have such a limited area to play in), I am always zooming out the door with them to one place or another. I love taking them on walks and bopping around with them in the Town Center. We draw a crazy amount of attention and the comments we get are incredible and nearly non-stop... but it's still great to be out. I'm sure one of these days I'll get used to toting around our beautiful little celebrities.

I can't say that things are perfect, but holy smokes I'm actually able to admit I'm proud of how our transition continues to go. I'm not sure if it was the way we became parents (both incredibly ill in another country, then traveling nearly 40 hours to get home, etc., etc.) or just skill or luck or what, but we're really doing pretty well (I think). We are pretty good at the schedule - I work HARD to stick to it no matter what, and Ezra & Olivia seem quite happy and generally pretty content in their new lives. They have changed so much since we met them nearly two months ago and amaze us every day. Days go by where they couldn't make life easier on us, and then one of them tried throwing a curve ball to test us out. :-D

It's amazing how much harder it is to keep my feeling of absolute cool when one of them breaks into all out tears and wailing in the middle of Barnes and Noble. I have this pact with myself to just smile about it and not freak out... but seriously. Barnes and Noble is one of those "quiet" type stores and when Ezzy lost it I thought I was going to lose it. All eyes in the store are instantly on the lady with the big, orange stroller that holds a screaming baby. My eyes quickly began scanning the store to see where Joe had wandered off to during our previous time of calm. Thankfully Joe heard the little man and rushed to my rescue to scoop Ezra up. I should also mention that I already had Olivia in the sling, so quickly scooping him up myself was not too easy. Or, maybe I'm just not that talented. Who knows. :-)

Anyway, as we checked out while getting the glare down from a cashier at another register, Joe stayed calm and cool and I stood there wanting to hide. Yep... that's my little man letting you ALL know he's here and he's not happy! When that guy needs to sleep... it shows VERY clearly!

In addition to the regular outings, I've been having fun (I'm definitely more excited about it than E&O are!) introducing new vegetables into their cuisine. They started veggies last Monday, so it's been nearly 2 weeks now. They don't seem to act any differently when I put a new veggie into their mouths than they do when it's just cereal. Oh well... it's fun to add new foods for me because I love the variety. Tomorrow we start with the green vegetables! 'Nough with the yellow veggies... we can't wait to go green! One interesting thing has been watching the changes in their diapers though... who knew you could SMELL carrots in poo? (TMI? Sorry... I'm a sharing kind of girl!). Thankfully though the veggies also seem to have finally firmed Olivia up quite a bit so her diapers aren't generally nasty, blowout, raunchiness anymore. Normally to get ready to change her stinky diapers we get EVERYTHING ready before the diaper gets opened, and this morning was no different. She is a BIG kicker during diaper changes and often gets her feet in the mess if you aren't careful. So, when someone is here to help I take advantage of it. My mom was handy, so she was holding Livvy's feet when I went to open the incredibly smelly diaper. I was bracing for a huge mess based upon the seriously pushing she'd done combined with the smell and amount of kicking she was doing. We were all ready for a huge mess and all there was in the diaper was the tiniest little rock. That was IT! Total Ezra style. My mom HAD to make fun of me and all the "Mama drama" getting ready to change that little thing. Ugh. Figures... I'm all ready for her typical and she was making it easy on me.

Now that I've probably lost most of my readers (who wants to read about poo?! At least I haven't shared any PICTURES of blowouts with you... yet), I guess I'll wrap up. In case any of you are going through E&O photo withdrawals, here's a couple new ones I took on Tuesday.


Kerri said...

They're adorable! With time, you'll learn to not notice the stares when your kiddo is screaming.
Kerri and Ruby

Elsa said...

OMG, they're so gorgeous...almost makes me want to have kids. Almost... ;o)

Holly said...

I can't believe how much they have grown. Expecially Ezra! He's huge!!

And don't worry, I enjoy the poo stories (though I do draw the line at pictures. haha!)

I especially love the picture of them looking at each other. So sweet. :)

LISA said...

Ahh, the pictures are precious!!! The can keep! LOL!
They are growing so well!!Mommy and daddy must be doing a good job!

Julie said...

Oh My Goodness! They are sooooo beautiful! Congratulations Jesi! Looking forward to meeting you guys at the blog union (or maybe sooner!)

be_a_Mary said...

oh my!! they are so gorgeous!!

DC said...

Wow! The twins are soooo beautiful!

I found your blog through the BU Forum. Hope you don't mind if I add you to my blogroll. :)