Monday, December 01, 2008

Craving updates?

Ok, I admit.  I've been a TERRIBLE blogger.  You may wonder what in the world has happened to me... did I drop off the face of the Earth?!

No.  I'm here.  I'll give you the low down on the last couple of months, since I'm sick of getting harassing emails about where I've been.  ;-)  (Just kidding... I love that I'm loved and missed!)  I'll keep it as short and sweet as I can since no one wants to read in depth about all the crazy happenings of the last couple of months since we moved.

Halloween was a hoot.  The kids were ADORABLE.  Of course.  Ezra was a very handsome peacock and Olivia was a beautiful Flamingo.  (Pictures to follow).  They had a blast toodling around Pearl Street in Boulder with my mom and I.  After getting ooggled and ogled for a couple of hours, my mom took them home to sleep while I headed to the airport to pickup Joe for our weekly/every of week visit from DADDY!  :-)

Joe's been back and forth a number of times, but sadly not every week like we'd prefer.  He's missing the twin tornadoes like crazy and treasures their weekends together (as do I!).  It sounds like he'll be getting relocated out here in the next 3 weeks... Hooray!  The downer is that we may not see him again UNTIL then... as tickets are just too pricey to splurge on right now.  Bah.  Since I'm a total nut for the holidays and the Christmas season is my favorite, I'm a bit of a grouch about having him miss out on preparations and festivities for the kids first birthdays and Christmas!  (It's really their second Christmas... but since they were only a few days old then, it's really like their first, right?). 

Anyhoo.  We had a super fun week with Joe last week, celebrating his birthday and Thanksgiving.  We had way more food than we should have for the 6 of us, but that's part of the season, right?  Yummy times, let me tell you.

Joe and I have also been overwhelmingly busy with some entrepreneurial ventures lately, as well.  I find myself struggling to get comfortable with allowing Ezi and Livi more time with their grandma so I can get some work done.  I juggle some of it while I'm with them and they're napping, and some days have actually LEFT the house without my appendages.  Ugh.  Talk about tough.  Turns out that after 8 months together (and only two very brief separations with E&O staying with a family member) it gets kind of hard to be away from them.  Even though the break can be a breath of fresh air, it's HARD.  Those goofy little angels are really the light of my life and my reason for getting up in the morning (hee hee... literally and figuratively).  They are truly wonder babies.  My uncle tells me their magic babies.  Since the day he met them he's said they seem magical, and they really are.  Somehow, most everyone that meets them is enticed by them.  Ezra is said to have an "Old Soul" and has more depth and wisdom in his eyes than most elders of mine.  Olivia... she has such a spark about her I can't even describe a worthy comparison.  Ah, my heart.

So, here I am, taking time away from work and feeling guilty for it already.  Ezi and Livi will be up from their naps any minute and ready to go 90 miles an hour again.  These two have progressed to running (clumsily) already and are such an entertainment.  They laugh at each other, chase each other in delight, then throw themselves on the floor in anticipation of being caught by the chaser.  I cannot imagine having one baby... is it boring?  (No offense intended here!!!  :-D )  I can't imagine them not having each other.  They often grab hands and hold each others hands while eating... so cute.  

On the tooth front, Ezra is about to pop through two more teeth (giving him a total of 6) and Livi is really close to having her top middle two teeth come through.  They want so badly to eat "real" food, but they just can't manage much without any molars.  I cannot WAIT for them to get a few more in!  Oh.... except that Ezra likes to give love bites, and THAT continues to get more painful with each and every tooth!  How does one stop a BABY from biting?!  It's NOT funny and I've got bruises to prove it.  :-S  

If I haven't bored you to tears yet, you're superhuman.  Thanks for hanging in there.  Oh, and if you're still reading my blog after my last post (and/or email for that matter), thanks.  I know it was a topic that could alienate people from my life, which it did and that was hard.  But, sometimes you just have to do what you know is right... even when it means you may lose people you care about.


Kerri said...

Still here and glad to read an update. Can't wait to see the Halloween pics too! Keep standing up for what's right!

Jocelyn said...

Finally, an update:-) Loved the pictures, Pacey was a flamingo too:-) They kids are so adorable in their christmas pics!! Keep the updates coming, we miss them!!

Selah said...

They are TOO precious! Oh my goodness and I am happy you are enjoying them.. what gifts.

Take Care--


5KidMom said...

I have some baby biting tips, but I would rather chat on the phone. Send me a PM if you don't still have my phone number. I look forward to talking to you. 8^)