Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day... a day to remember

Just a quick post to revel in the fact that one year ago TODAY, Yodit & Tewodros became our children... legally.  Finally.  What an excruciating morning it was waiting for news to see if we'd passed court.  Joe was so calm and kept telling me that we did and I needed to relax.  But, I couldn't.  Not until I had word from our agency and saw those beautiful words.  There's no way that a year ago today I would have been able to guess where we'd be now and all the amazing highs and lows that would be thrown our way.  But, on the roller coaster of life, I couldn't be happier that we are a family and that the oceans and continents that separated Livi and Ezi from us couldn't keep us apart!

Pictures to come... gotta put the kiddies down for their morning nap first and then upload them off my camera!

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Anonymous said...

wow - BIG DAY!

congratulations... what a difference a year makes, no?