Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A poll - since I have nothing better to do :-D

Ok, so we still have no news on our court date. So, I thought in order to have a little fun and see what people think, I'd do a poll.

-- When do you think our court date will be? --

Here are the basics of our timeline to help you decide:
- Referral on 1/28/08
- Accepted referral on 1/29/08
- Children taken into care on 12/22/07 (3 months in care prior to court rule applies)
- Told to expect to hear about our court date in approximately 3 weeks (which would be today!)

So, go ahead, have some fun, make your guess, do the court date dance, or whatever you can do. Comment away with those court date guesses, and I HOPE that anyone that guesses SOONER than later is the one that's right!


Erica said...

Court Date March 28th. Praying you hear SOON!

Holly said...

April 16, that's the day!!

5KidMom said...

Sad to say, but no sooner than 3/22. Our prayers are with you!!

megan said...

I'll say April 3rd!!!

Hauswife said...

How about March 24th? No news yet?