Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Quick update

Sorry guys... still no news. I am definitely checking myself into the loony bin if we don't get a court date in the next few days! I've lost all ability to focus on tasks and have practically broken the F5 (refresh) button on my computer from constantly checking for updates! I told you that this was going to be tough for me! Times like this make me wish I'd learned to master patience as a child. Heck, I could never even wait for Christmas day to open presents! I was always snooping around the house until I found them, and even sliced open the scotch tape to peek in packages with my brother a couple of years!!! (Don't deny it Zak! You TAUGHT me how to do it!). So yeah, patience is just not my virtue. Grrrr.

But, I DID get a response from my agency today. I sent an email yesterday asking if there were ANY updates yet... just in case an email didn't come through to me or something (*grin*). Well, I've been told that APPARENTLY a court date has been assigned and we're waiting for it to be given to us. Huh. Ok. He says it'll be "very soon." Right. WHAT?! If we know we have one assigned, why don't we know when it is?!

Ok - breathing deeply now. Ooooommmmmm, oooooooommmmmmm - wish I'd gotten into yoga, I could really use the relaxing & deep breathing about now! I don't know what I'll do with myself once we have our beautiful babies home and I don't have all this craziness to obsess about! ;-) (Of course I'm kidding... I think twins will keep me plenty busy!).

So, as a distraction, I'll post a short blurb about myself. There are plenty of you out there I've never had the good (or bad??? I've had some nasty comments early in the process - some mean folks out there :-S) fortune of meeting, so you probably only know a little about me. Well, I talk a lot. Apparently, this is true. Oh, and not only do I talk a lot, but apparently I talk VERY quickly... especially when excited. Poor Joe probably hasn't understood much of what I've said over the last 3 weeks since referral - cause yeah, I've been pretty excited the entire time. I also LOVE dogs. Animals in general actually. I used to ride horses and had two beautiful mares before moving to Southern California. I am loving and compassionate, and fight tooth and nail for the ones I love. I can be totally stubborn, and completely obsessive sometimes. (Who would've thunk it, right?) I feel it's my job and my right as a human being to do what I can to help others in need. For two summers, I worked in orphanages rehab centers, and hospitals in Romania - it was an incredible, challenging, life changing experience. Oh, and I definitely have a serious travel bug. Yup... international travel is something that makes me ridiculously giddy. And yes, I've been excited to become I mommy since I was itty bitty myself.

There ya have it. That's me in a very short nutshell. Cool, eh? Ok, maybe not so cool, but who cares!

That's it for now. Thanks for reading this far... it feels good to ramble a bit and get it all out there. I don't know how people get through 5 months between referral and travel... and hope I don't have to learn about it firsthand!

KEEP ON GUESSING THOSE COURT DATES! :-D I'm liking the March 24th guess the best so far!!! April 16th?! Yikes! Hee hee hee.



Hang in there, you will get your court date soon!!

I can relate to your waiting for a court date. I just got through court today after THREE scheduled court dates. What a rollercoaster ride.


Hauswife said...

Yep, definitely don't pray for the Lord to teach you patience. That's my rule because then guess what... a whole lot of waiting! :P
Praying that it comes sooner rather than later for you guys!