Wednesday, April 02, 2008

When will our embassy date be?!

Ok, so I owe an update! Thanks for hanging in there and praying for us and thinking about us. This has truly been a struggle (and remember, I am NOT a patient person!). The last couple of weeks have been increasingly difficult. We are so ready to get our hands on Ezra and Olivia. This is the story in a nutshell:

We were told our embassy date would be 3 or 4 weeks after court - meaning April 7 or April 14 (our agency has embassy appointments on a Monday). We waited and waited for news. After a number of discussions with our agency, I finally decided I needed to get our tickets, and since we're staying an extra bit of time in country, it would overlap either possible date, but be centered around the idea of having a later embassy date. Well, shortly after getting our tickets, we found out our embassy date would actually probably need to be on April 21. Yeah, lovely. Another week of just leaving Ezra & Olivia without their mommy and daddy. Soooo not something easy to think about. But, to make matters worse, we also have a really difficult family matter we're dealing with that makes it all the more important to us to be home sooner than later. Sorry... can't blog about it, but I appreciate the support I know you're all feeling anyway! ;-)

Soooooooooo, it's boiling down to giving up and going with the April 21 embassy date, or potentially just leaving for Ethiopia early Saturday morning and hoping, praying, crossing fingers and toes for the best. Worst case scenario we'd be with the kids, but have to spend an extra week in country. Not the best or most affordable option... but we'd all be together and that's super important to us. Just to keep you all REALLY in the loop, as of about an hour ago, hubby and I "pretty much" decided we'll leave Saturday. We just need to work out some kinks with work (you know... gotta earn a living and figure out how to wiggle in an extra unpaid week or something), then we can commit. Maybe we're nuts, who knows. At this stage in the process, that's completely possible. Heck, after this roller coaster ride waiting for an embassy date, I'd say it's highly probable! :-D

Stay tuned... and keep on praying, crossing toes, fingers, arms, legs, and ears, doing the April 14 embassy date dance... whatever you can! We reallllllllyyyyy appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

Wow you have a LOT going on. I'll keep fingers and toes crossed for you to get an earlier embassy date.

Selah said...

I am so sorry and was hoping I would pop on and see that the date was perfect. I would still love to talk with you about logistics and all. Also, a tip on how we were able to get our embassy date "moved up" a bit....I don't know it may be worth the try.

Thinking of you and your babies! How fun will that be--mommy by two:) God is good--

Holly said...

Ulgh. I feel for ya, girl. You'll have those babies in your arms before you know it. Still praying for a quick embassy date and return...