Friday, May 16, 2008


Finally some long awaited photos! I found my memory card reader and am happy to show you the latest shots of our cuties! This evening we're heading back to the pool to cool off after a hot day!
Ezra and his Grampa Paul

Our little man tasting his hand

Olivia - lots to think about as she enjoys her cereal!

Ready for their first pool adventure! (Still have a lot of growing to fit into their 3-6 month swim suits!)

Mommy and her beautiful babes after their first swim

Tummy time fun

Seriously, could she be any more gorgeous?! :-D

Talk about a cute smile... love to see him having fun on his tummy since it's not exactly the norm

To be a baby - it's a rough life

See! Told you it's rough! Smiles to screams in 2 seconds flat!

(A very typical Olivia expression for the camera... seems to think it's a scary device!)

Watch what you say or I'm gonna slap you!

Take that...

And THAT! Ha!

I think they communicate to each other with their tongues...

Love the big bums, compliments of G Diapers

Telling Ezra how it's gonna be...

I told you to feed me NOW!


We love hugs!

Awww... what style they have!

Our little guy is one cool dude!

Ready for their daily walk and looking good!

Hurry up and get this show on the road! I have places to go and people to see!

Olivia's heading out for a stroll, don't tell the paparazzi!


KE said...

Oh, Jesi, these are hilarious! 5 of the 6 of us are standing around cracking up. I would really just love to see them in person when we're next in Southern Cal... maybe this winter. I hope we have the opportunity! Have a wonderful (crazy) weekend. We've had a lot of fun (and some mommy fits too... oh, well!). Over all, the pile of kids is a blast. :)


Eric & Tara said...

How are you liking the Gdiapers?? I am going to use them with our son, who were are picking up in a few days and am just wondering how they are working for you?
Those babes are PRECIOUS!!!

megan said...

Awe they are too cool for school!!!

Selah said...

Jesi: They are so cute and full of personality! I hope to meet them one day. Hope you are well and I have thought about you so many times with two-- double the blessings and work!


be_a_Mary said...

Those are the CUTEST photos!! SO funny! I love all their expressions and seeing how they interact with each other!! Can't wait to meet them tonight!!

Amber said...

Those pictures are hilarious!