Thursday, June 12, 2008


I wanted to dedicate a post just to my eldest daughter... my sweet miniature dachshund. She's been struggling with so many health issues since late October of 2007, and in January we learned she's dealing with a very large bladder stone on top of the neurological issues. So, today, she is finally in surgery getting it removed. It's for the best as she has blood in her urine and it definitely causes discomfort, but still stressful for her mommy!

We are anxiously awaiting word from her fabulous veterinarian to hear how surgery went. Please send some well wishes Chloe's way!

This is Chloe and I her first night with me... all the way back in December 2000!

Chloe watching over the feeding of her new babies, Olivia & Ezra!

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DC said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed that the surgery goes well and your furbaby gets better soon!

BTW . . . The video? Too. Stinkin'. Cute. :)