Monday, June 16, 2008

A Happy Father's Day... mostly

Seriously, there's nothing cooler than getting to tell the new daddy in our lives how amazing we think he is. So, Livi, Ezi, and myself spent the day trying to tell their daddy what an INCREDIBLE daddy he is. It was a relatively "uneventful" day, other than having two showings of the house, we didn't have a lot going on. Joe decided to take the wee-bots out for their first run and they did about 5 miles. No small feat in the afternoon on a hot day! The twins seemed to love it and came back smiley and content. Their daddy was also super pleased to get in the exercise and manage to get his sweat on. Oh yeah, that guy LIKES to sweat... that way he knows he's really working. I, on the other hand, think it's NASTY and sent him for an immediate shower! Yuck!

Sadly, the wee-bots became possessed as we did bathtime and we got to laugh at ourselves as we sung round after round of "Wheels on the Bus" to two screeching, howling babes. I really don't know WHAT we would do if we didn't laugh... I mean their moods were TERRIBLE! I told Joe they just wanted to SHOW him how awesome he was on Father's Day by allowing him to be his best when they were at their worst! It was probably our fault that they were so upset, I can TOTALLY admit to that. Their naps have been a bit funky lately so we thought based on their sleep/wake patterns that they may need 3 shorter naps rather than 2 longer ones. So, their when they woke up early for their morning nap, we got them up and went for a walk. The timing went well as it allowed us to be out of the house for one of the showings yesterday. However, it was the beginning of a ticking bomb I think. They were literally a timebomb waiting to blow. And blow they did... about 5:30 pm. Ugh! Let's just say we WON'T be doing that again!

Luckily they still went to sleep like the perfect angels they are, as the bedtime bottle and cuddles seemed to banish the demons. They slept through the night (as usual) and awoke to their normal sweetness. In fact, they napped REALLY well today and I was one SUPER happy mama! We have the two most amazing little bits in the whole world. I know I'm biased, but there's no denying it. They are such AMAZING people already. I mean, Ezra will MELT your heart with his flirty smile and easy giggle. He is SOOOOO ticklish and I cannot help by take advantage of it and tickle him often to hear his grunting and laughing. Olivia... well let's just say our little button (as in "cute as a button") is a tiny little bundle of sweetness. She ALWAYS has a smile on her face when we go in to get her up in the morning or after naps and I cannot wait to be greeted by that smiling face and her little legs kicking from excitement to see us. That girl will wrap ANYONE around her finger I think!

So, all in all we had a phenomenal Father's Day. And despite the evening craziness, we STILL laughed at it and had a great dinner together after the kiddos went to sleep (yummy burgers on the grill, mac'n'cheese, delicious watermelon, and salad... oh yeah I made a REAL dinner for once... and total comfort food to boot!). I love that despite being new parents to twins our lives seem pretty relaxed, Joe and I are NOT at each other's throats about the stresses of parenting, and we can both laugh during the moments that ARE stressful. Will the "ball" drop and things get as crazy and hard as people told us it would?! Who knows... but for now I'm counting my blessings and enjoying our incredible new lives. And, in 2 days I'll be celebrating the 3&8 with my amazing hubby... hard to believe it's been "that" long... times flies when you're having fun!

P.S. We finally decided that since Livi and Ezi have become FREQUENTLY used nicknames for the wee-bots, we wanted to decide on a spelling we liked. So... it's now Livi & Ezi (vs. Livvy & Ezzy). Livi is PART of the spelling of Olivia, plus it fits the pattern of her mom and grandma (Jesi & Juli)... unique 4 letter spellings, and Ezi follows suit. Like the new spellings... or hate them?!


KE said...

Love the nicknames! Among Jews, Ezra is frequently shortened to Ezi. In fact, most names are. The "i" on the end means "my." So we have Miri, Eli, Raizi, and Avi. :) Anyway... just love your updates. Too tired to look at any blogs tonight, but there are a couple I have to check every night. :) :) :)


Erica said...

Love it! We have an Olivia as well and her nickname "Livi" is also spelled that way.