Friday, August 22, 2008

Busy days of incredibly exciting stuff ahead!

Well, this will be my last post before we head to Colorado!  The events that have taken place this week have been truly incredible.  J, my long lost sister, has been so great to talk to and continues to impress and amaze me.  I'm so proud of her.  It was sounding like it'd be awhile before we'd be able to see each other in person, though... so I was bummed.  However, in the last two days I was able to find a shuttle to get her to the airport (she doesn't have a car), a plane ticket, and convince her I was treating MYSELF by doing all this for her... so she's coming to Colorado TOO!

We arrive tonight about 11:15 pm - ugh.  The kids will be beat, but hopefully it'll mean they'll fall asleep on the flight since they slept on this flight out last time.  When we get to DIA, J will have already arrived - barring any delays on her flights.  She's hoping to meet us at our gate, and if not there then at baggage claim.  It's going to be one of those very public reunions, for sure!  My dad will be there to take us back to my parent's place, and our other sister, S, will be there to take J back to her place for the first night of slumber party central.  ;-)

I can hardly believe that in about 11 hours I'll be officially reunited with J!  I'm so stoked... this still feels pretty surreal.  It's only been... oh, about 15 years now!  

While in Colorado I'm also hoping to get some time in with other friends we've missed.  Elsa - you up for driving down?? ;-)  We know we'll be having some fun with Michael and Julia, which is incredibly exciting, as we've followed their journey for ages!  

Then, after a few days of fun in Colorado, we're off to Chicago to visit my relatives on my mom's side and meet the infamous Luke!  I'm so excited to meet him, and I hope Livi and Ezi pick up on the fact that they will finally be the bigger and stronger babies in the bunch (they've ALWAYS been the youngest!) so maybe they won't try and crawl all over him!  It'll probably end up looking a bit like a cattle roping contest, with me trying to keep them off the poor little guy!

And THEN, after a few days in Chicago, we're headed BACK to Colorado for a few more days of fun before finally returning home.  Whew.  It's going to be a whirlwind 2 weeks for the kids and I!  Joe isn't coming for most of it - he's just helping fly us to Colorado and then coming home after a day there.  Poor Joe... his a total work-a-holic in his new job and doesn't think he's got things squared away ENOUGH to really take any time off.  We'll miss him like crazy... and be doing lots of web conferencing I'm sure so he can see E&O!

So, that's what we'll be up to!  I'll try and update as I can and possibly even post pictures of the big reunion with my sisters!  I'm getting so nervous about it I feel a bit sick to my stomach!  I know I shouldn't be... but I can't help it!  I really thought this day may never come!  Wish us luck on the big adventures about to begin!


Jocelyn said...

Wow, reuniting with your sisters...that is so exciting...I hope you have an amazing time!!!
Please eat a lot of pizza for me in Chicago (I miss it...lived there 26 years) and yes, food is what I miss:-)!!

Hauswife said...

Have a FANTASTIC time, Jesi!

Sam said...

ooh have fun jesi! i cant wait to hear all about it....

Selah said...

Jesi: How special to be able to see your sister again and to have her meet your babes!! What a treat and I hope the little ones do great. I am enjoying watching them growing via your blog--- they are so precious!!! You seem like such a loving momma.

Holly said...

Hope the reunion went well, Jesi! Let me know how everything goes. We'll catch you on your next trip to the midwest!