Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy 8 months!!!

Wow, what an incredible day this is for us today.  Ezra and Olivia are now 8 (EIGHT!) months old!  It's incredible to think that we've been together as a family longer than they were without us.  We met Ezi & Livi when they were 3.5 months old and came home on April 18th when they were ALMOST four months old.  As I think about all these things, I wonder if they still have any remaining memories of their time in Ethiopia.  Do they remember Toukoul?  Would it feel familiar to them if they were to see the care center again?  Would Ethiopia still have anything "familiar" about it to them?

The changes in Ezi have been truly astounding.  When we met our little man, he was used to laying in his back and soothing himself in the cutest way.  He would hold his right arm up over his head, turn his head to the right, and grab his clothes with his left hand over his heart.  So cute and touching, but so heart wrenching.  This little man had learned to soothe himself at a young age - too young.  His right sided soothing leads me to believe that he was turning into the room at the care center.  We saw their cribs, and this hypothesis is right on I believe.  Little Ezi must have spent a lot of time watching the door and waiting for snuggles and kisses.  

When we first held Ezra, his tiny body was so floppy.  He was so young, but so weak for his age.  Tummy time was like torture and it took a long time to help him build up his upper body strength.  Look at him now!

He talks (still in his own, screeching language), he sits, he crawls, he enjoys making people laugh - currently by shaking his head no over and over again (he doesn't know what it means yet), and he also pulls up to his knees.  He's truly amazing.  He loves to cuddle with his mama and is becoming a bit of a flirt with me.  He stares dreamily into my eyes when I have him strapped into on of our new Ergos (if he's on my front) and smiles whenever I look down at him.  Such a ham!

Olivia is such a strong little girl.  She has flown through physical milestones and is starting to cruise.  She's had a few cruising steps, but isn't doing it very consistently yet.  She loves to grunt LOUDLY as one form of talking and has a love affair with blowing raspberries.  When eating, when crawling around, when climbing on things... spit's always flying!  She's still a peanut, but is definitely so, sooooo much bigger than the day we met her.  She's puttin' on the pounds and it's looking like it's mostly muscle.  Both Livi and Ezi look pretty lean compared to many other babies around their age... but I swear we feed them LOADS of yummy stuff.  They still consume formula like it's going out of style, and have been enjoying more and more foods with more texture.  

Olivia is starting to work on her pincher grasp, and it's coming along.  She now gets Cheerios and puffs into her mouth with relatively frequent success... her only problem is getting it OUT of her hand once she gets it to her mouth!  ;-)  Ezra's doing pretty well with that too, but seems to still be quite content with grunting and squealing at me to request another bite of something be put into his mouth.  Back to Olivia....

She is definitely a mama's girl when she's uncertain about things.  She's getting better at snuggling into me when in a carrier (now the Ergo!) and letting herself sleep/nap this way.  JUST like me, she tends to prefer her own space when sleeping... but recently she's getting better about being flexible about that when we're out and about.  She loves to crawl and climb all over Joe or myself when we're down on the floor playing with them, and has a serious jealousy thing when Ezra's getting cuddled and she's not.  This girl has an attitude and will show it if necessary!

A trait these two keepers of my heart share - CURIOUSITY.  I realize by nature, all babies are pretty curious.  But from DAY 1 with Livi and Ezi, we knew we had some seriously curious kiddos.  People have never believed how young they are because of the level of alertness and curiousness they display.  They're interested in everything, but in recent weeks have really begun to have a real awareness of what the OTHER one has and then MUST have it for themselves.  Olivia is definitely worse than Ezra about this.  She follows him around stealing whatever toy he has, and insists on climbing over or onto Ezra to get it.  She has also discovered the velcro on the back of his diaper and occasionally spends an entire play session chasing him around, climbing on his booty and trying to undo the velcro.  Yikes...

Check this out:

So that's it, in a nutshell.  We have been blessed beyond words with two amazing, miracle babies.  I can hardly believe I get to be their mommy!

Happy 8 month birthday Olivia and Ezra!!!!!!


Holly said...

Ok, so i've been seriously slacking lately on the blog reading. Wow, you've had a crazy week, girl!

First of all, your babies are beautiful as ever. I can't believe how big they are. And that picture of Olivia standing up freaks me out! They can't be that big yet!! Gees.

And the story about your foster sisters is amazing. That is just awesome. I grew up in a foster family too, so I know how impacted by that you can be. I was always wonder about one brother in particular. It's awesome that you have the opportunity to get to know your sisters as adults. Soo soo cool.

Jocelyn said...

HAPPY 8 months sweet babies!!!

5KidMom said...

That is one seriously ornery little girl you've got there!! Of course, Ezra seems to balance that out with his patience. I guess you could say they complete each other. VERY sweet!!

Robin said...

Cracking me up! What a smarty-pants that Olivia is! Seriously you should send this video to G-Diapers.

I can't believe how big and strong they are getting! Good Job mom and dad!

The Six of Us said...

That is SO sweet! What darlings! Although I must say, I am enjoying the immobile stage as I watch these videos!

Anonymous said...

You have got some serious cute on your hands. It is wonderful that you are having so much fun.
Happy eight month birthday.

PS Dori is asking to watch "Ivie" I think she recognized a kindred spirit.

SisterMom said...

I brought my baby girl home at 5.5 months home and took her back to Ethiopia when she was 11 months old, she didn't recognize her favorite care giver, seemed to have no memory of anyone actually and hated Ethiopian food. Seriously gagged every time i gave her injera!!!

Our first meal back in the States was a quesadilla for her and she ate like there was no tomorrow!!!

Your children are beautiful, maybe I will meet them someday when I visit Julia in CO!!