Saturday, August 09, 2008

Look at our big girl!

Oh my gosh. She's doing it. My very own miracle baby. :-D Olivia now pulls to a stand all by herself! She first did it when I ran upstairs to change Ezra's diaper and lay him down for a nap. I heard her downstairs grunting. Not a noise she ever really makes. I thought "Is she pooping?" Normally she is a SILENT pooper, but what else would it be?! I finished Ezra quickly and peeked down the stairs. My baby girl was standing up and looking into the kitchen area where the dogs were!! I squealed, laid Ezra in his crib and ran down to her. Thankfully I got her to repeat her performance again, this time no grunting and like a pro. You'd think she's been pulling to a stand all her life. My own miracle baby.

Also, as of today Ezra is really crawling SOOO much better! He's really starting to move around and get the hang of it. These two - our wonder duo - amaze me more and more every day. You can clearly hear in the video of Olivia how ridiculously excited I get for them as they learn a new skill. Lucky them... doomed to have the mom that wears giant button pins around at their school track meets and such. I can just hear myself now cheering on my babies as they score a goal, perform in their first play, or whatever. Heck yeah, I'm going to be sooooo embarrassing! Trust me, not because I WANT to be embarrassing, just because I'm so darn proud!

Without further ado... here is our girl!


Hauswife said...

Go Livvy! Go Livvy! Go GO Go Livvy! :)

Kerri said...

What a girl!!! That's amazing!
Kerri, Medina, and Ruby

Robin said...

That's amazing! Yeah Babies! I love the recent pictures. Great new layout too!

Elsa said...

Jesi, you crack me up! :o)