Sunday, August 10, 2008

More Blog Union photos

Ok, so here are the photos WE took at the BU...
Hooray for matching shirts!

Did you hear that we're going to the beach?

Gee mom, that's SHOCKING news! Where's my sunblock?!

A late evening and they're still looking cute after a big day!

Excuse me, where's my chai latte?

Halt! Who goes there?!

This camping out stuff is fun!

Isa B looking coy

The lovely ladies, Livi & Isa


Sam said...

Lets talk about these little tents. where did you find them> how small do they become? I am intrigued......

Tarah said...

Way cute!!!

Hauswife said...

Precious photos! I love their peapods! Evangeline & Ray Ray have so much fun in their peapods. :)