Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pushing Daisies....

Well, tonight is the BIG debut!  ;-)  Thanks Sam for reminding me to remind everyone!  :-D  Ezra and Olivia should be able to be seen in the scene in front of the courthouse on the episode tonight (fourth episode of the season).  Pushing Daisies is on ABC and is on at 7:00 pm MST, I believe.  Check your local programming for the exact time.  On ABC's website, it states it's on at 8/7 Central... but we're Mountain time, and our guide shows it as being on at 7:00 pm!  Sooooo... if you don't want to miss them, check your local guide!

So, tonight, Pushing Daisies, ABC.  Don't forget.  Tune in and be prepared for some quick glimpses of absolute perfection and amazing acting on the parts of E&O.  



Sam said...

I had it in my calendar!
I squealed loudly w hen I saw them. It was so fast. Was it both E and O in the beginning?????
Yay for them!

Orange Girl said...

They were brilliant! I tuned in and boom!- there they were, right at the beginning.
Isa and I are so proud to have such famous friends. :)


Robin said...

Ezra looked great! Sure glad he had a stunt double- okay not funny! :-)