Sunday, October 19, 2008


Oh my gosh... I can hardly believe I'm posting this.  Olivia WALKED on her own today!  She has been SOOOOO CLOSE for a long time now, but she did it today!  I'm one proud mama!  Her and Ezra both have been able to stand unassisted for a few weeks now (but only if they are distracted and not thinking about what they're doing!  ;-), and able to walk quite well behind their little ride on cars and walker thing.  They do just DANDY with something in front of them to give them confidence.  But today... she WALKED ON HER OWN!  Probably 4-5 steps!  It was the cutest walk EVER!

I know Ezra is just behind her... any day now we'll have 2 TODDLERS!  ;-)  How exciting!!!  I'll try and get my camera unpacked and start snapping some pictures and video later today to upload... stay tuned!

(Sorry to be so behind in updates.  I got sick last week and JUST when I thought I was getting over it, my cold returned FULL FORCE yesterday and I've been exhausted just trying to drag myself about with the minimal necessary tasks around here.  Poor Livi has a fountain of snot that is plaguing her nose, and Ezra has the darn cold too, but thankfully he never gets such a miserable, messy nose.  Poor babes.


Christy said...

How exciting! I can't wait to see video of her on the move! I am so sad that you guys moved away! I was really looking forward to having Ezra and Livi as playmates for my little guy! I'm sad, but I understand why:-(

Sam said...

Isnt the big TV debut this week?

Julia & Brad said...

YAY Olivia! When you're feeling up to it let's take the kids for a walk!

Anonymous said...

woo hoo! congratulations Livi!!