Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Here you go... a quick photo catch up

Ezra enjoying some of his grandpa's birthday cake (Valentine's Day)

Olivia after gobbling up her slice of Grandpa's cake.

Yummy stuff!

Olivia after her puffs are taken out and her hair is combed through.

Splash time!  Oh!  That brother is such a pain!

"Somebody call a vet cause these puppies are sick!" says Ezra about his massive muscles

Reason #1 you shouldn't crawl under the table... you'll get stuck!

Oh my word, are those clippers for me?!

It's finally my turn?!  Hooray!  (Not!)

Ezra's natural mohawk - daddy insisted we leave it there since it's so cute... 

Awwwww.  Shucks.  Mommy shaved my mohawk off!

Ezra looking fabulous without hair on St. Patty's day (and our one year anniversary of becoming a family!)

One proud mama with her cuties

What?  Are you looking at me?


Julie said...

Whoa! They are huge! Did you buy them cars for St. Patty's Day? They are practically teenagers. Please move back. We are missing everything down here in SoCal!

Orange Girl said...

Yeah! So glad to see the new pics!!! They are both as adorable as ever. Ezra looks so darned grown up with his head shaved.... Can't wait to see you guys in August.

The Lowery Clan said...

What a cute family and I'm not only talking about the babies! Please don't move back to SoCal! I need and love you! I love the hair cuts as you know!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY GOTCHA DAY! I see that you have had your BEAUTIFUL kiddos for 1 year! We adopted from Adoption Avenues and brought home our beautiful children in March 2007! Time go by so fast and I know that you feel the same way! I wish they could stay small forever! Hava a great week!

Tammi Hagner

Rachel said...

Hi there! I am a new follower of your blog and I am so enjoying all of the beautiful pictures of your family! My husband and I are in the home study phase of adopting from Ethiopia. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences! :)