Friday, April 11, 2008


Here are a few pictures!  We're at a very stuffy & hot internet cafe trying to send these out, so I hope you enjoy!  We should learn about our embassy date this afternoon... we have everything we need, I guess it's just a matter of whether the US Embassy will see us on Monday since they haven't had our file on hand for a week... cross those fingers and toes!

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Holly said...

OMG, so so so so so so CUTE!!! I am so happy for you guys.

Joy said...

They are absolutely precious! You are truly blessed!

Selah said...

I am so hoping it goes through for you. Your babies are so beautiful and you look so happy and content with them... congrats!
Hardly wait to hear about it all.

fully operational battle station said...

Absolutely beautiful and I can't believe how amazing YOU look after arriving half-way around the world. Sheesh!

The kiddos are stunning, really.