Sunday, April 06, 2008

We're in Addis Ababa!

Just a quick post to let you all know we made it safely to Ethiopia yesterday evening!  Our flight arrived about 10 minutes early, and all our bags are here!  Including our huge duffel bag of donations that was barely within/just over the weight maximums and definitely larger than the maximum dimensions... but we were never questioned about it and not charged!  Hooray!  We can't wait to get them delivered to AHOPE and Toukoul.
We've decided we are meeting the babies this morning, and prior to our trip south.  Actually, it's Joe that wants to so badly.  I know it'll be hard to leave them for a couple of days after meeting, but Joe was insistant that we get to them this morning!  We'll also be calling our agency's attorney in a few minutes and seeing what we can do to help ensure an earlier embassy date.  We already love it here... but still want to get home and settle in to be a family in 2 weeks rather than 3!  ;-)
More later... it's beautiful here.  There's so much to say, but I'll do that when I have more time!
Hugs from us!  We'll post later if we can... hopefully with pictures of meeting our children!

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Selah said...

Jesi: I have been praying for you and am looking forward to reading about your journey. I am so hoping it works to have an early embassy date. Take care of yourselves and have fun. I miss the coffee:)