Monday, April 07, 2008

What a day...

Just a quick update and then back to bed for me!  It was a heck of a day.  We met with the attorney in the morning and got some frustrating news about some things, but some "promising" news about the April 14 embassy date.  No guarantees, but it's at least looking "possible."  We saw their birth certificates... what beautiful babies we have!  Yodit is making such a cute face in her picture... she's definitely got some serious personality!
While at the attorney's smokey office on the 6th floor of his building (a long walk up when you're starting to feel puny!), I got so overcome by dizziness I had to lay on the floor of his office.  This caused quite a stir, but I felt better once I was horizontal.  I figured it was exhaustion and/or altitude, no big deal.  After a long and rather information talk, we were sent to Toukoul to meet our angels.  I'll admit now this was a terrible idea considering I was feeling so out of sorts.  But, we were so ready to meet Yodit & Tewodros!
We arrived at Toukoul and began talking with Melat about our program.  I had to interrupt her and ask for a place to lay down... back to just about passing out.  Yikes.  While I was laying in the visiting room, Melat continued talking about the visiting hours, our plans, etc., and then I heard it.  That beautiful little cry our Yodit shared with us in a video taken back in February by a friend.  Moments later, Tewodros was carried into the room and placed into my arms.  Yodit was handed to Joe and we began talking to them in awe.  We'd arrived at lunch time, so Yodit was rather unhappy we didn't have a bottle for her.  After a moment of holding little Tewodros, we swapped and I tried to comfort Yodit.  This was semi successful, but I was getting sicker by the moment.  Tewodros had some serious congestion and projectile spit up.  About the moment of the spit up mess, I was starting to pass out or throw up, so I begged our guide Ephrim to take Yodit.  Joe and Ephrim took the babies from the room and I collapsed.
So, the remainder of the day I spent in bed and visiting the toilet.  Puking is really the pits.
More later... back to bed.  We're hoping in the morning I'll be continuing to feel better and we'll spend more time at Toukoul.  I think we're going to delay our trip to Awassa another day to allow for more recovery time...
Oh, there was also a fire at the building that butts up against our guest house today... fun times.  More on that later!

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Selah said...

I am so sad to hear about you not feeling well... I am so sorry! I must say each time at the lawyer's office I would get sick/dizzy too, but this sounds more serious! I always attributed the 6th floor stair hike with altitude sickness and not feeling well. I AM PRAYING you feel better soon for those babes! I am so happy you have been able to meet your babes. Please tell Melat hello from Aser and Kimberly:)
Love, Kimberly

5KidMom said...

So glad to hear you made it to Addis safe and sound (and with all your luggage to boot!). It sounds like the first meeting with your babes left a little to be desired with you being so sick. Take heart, you'll get better soon, and the next time will be more like what you've imagined for the past few months. You are all in our prayers!! 8^)

Love and Hugs,
The 5McCKid Family

Holly said...

OMG!! I sure hope you feel better tomorrow, Jesi. That's crazy!

So glad you finally got to hold those little babies in your arms. :)

Jocelyn said...

I hope you feel better, I can't wait to read more!!

be_a_Mary said...

Oh MAN! What an event!! I have several girlfriends who barfed during labor from sheer exhaustion. I'm soooo excited you were able to hold those babies in your arms!! How WONDERFUL!! I can't wait to read more!

Joy said...

I hope you are feeling better and were able to enjoy your babies. Keep us posted. It is a blessing to be able to follow your journey. We are rejoicing with you!
Joy (also with Adoption Avenues)

fully operational battle station said...

My goodness! Sounds chaotic! I'm so sorry you're sick! That's my biggest fear with the whole trip is being sick the entire time, but it sounds like you are getting better fast.

Hang in there! Post pics when you can!